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The Mentoring & Personalized Guidance You Need to
Grow Your Online Business With Confidence

The 250K Society is an exclusive community for online business owners who want to make a bigger impact, scale their online business, & have more freedom in life.

it’s time to elevate

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Have Mentors, Masterminds, & Private Support Communities

(that’s why I built The 250K Society to be all three)

To think that the success of an online business should hinge on one person’s brain and one person’s limited perspective is, quite frankly, the most expensive mistake an entrepreneur can make.

All the most successful entrepreneurs know this, which is why  you’ll see the same pattern over and over again. The most successful entrepreneurs hire mentors and consistently participate in masterminds and private support communities.

If you want be bolder with your business and achieve bolder results, it’s time to put yourself in a better position. It’s time to invest in the mentoring and support you need to take things to the next level.

how’s business?

Are You Doing Too Many Things That Aren’t Moving Your Business Forward?

Online business owners have very limited bandwidth for productivity. In order to make big leaps in business, you have to stay focused on the most profitable and important actions day to day. Everything else is a waste of time & opportunity.

If you feel overwhelmed, uncertain about your business’ future, or you feel like your business could be doing so much better than it is, The 250K Society is right where you need to be.

When you join 250K we’ll get right to work getting you unstuck, bringing tremendous clarity to your business, and accelerating your growth and profitability.

There’s nothing else like this for online business owners – a personal, engaging, and immensely supportive environment that’s 100% focused on your personal success.

Featured Testimonial

“It really takes a lot to impress me. I’ve been part of many membership communities and masterminds in the past. Nothing comes close to what the 250K Society has to offer.” ~ Dean Phillips

serious online business owners only

It’s All About You

What Makes The 250K Society Different & So Tremendously Valuable?

The 250K Society is the only place you can get the high-level, personalized mentoring and engagement that high-ticket communities and masterminds offer while avoiding the poor quality and experience of entry-level membership communities. If you want cheap and generic, go somewhere else. If you want high-touch, personalized mentoring, The 250K Society is the best place for you.

weekly high-level mentoring

As a member of the 250K Society you’ll have access to semi-weekly “Power Hour” mentoring sessions to get personalized, specific guidance for your business.

an exclusive digital society

A rising tide lifts all ships and that’s exactly the culture you’ll experience in 250K as members jump in to support you and help you move your business forward.

powerful online trainings

The 250K Society contains tens of thousands of dollars in online trainings designed to install and refine the skills you need to win as an online business owner.

– Plus –

You also get unprecedented access to founder, Kevin Michael Geary. Kevin built three successful online businesses in three separate niches in less than 5 years and chooses now to focus 100% on his true passion – helping online business owners like you scale their freedom and income.

Featured Testimonial

“Just one call literally increased my income by $4300/mo.”
~ Laurel Portie | Facebook Ads Expert

join the 250k society

Ready to join the most gritty, real, actionable, and in-the-trenches accelerator for online business owners in existence?

get access to...

  • our exclusive digital society
  • Daily Engagement with Kevin
  • Weekly mentoring sessions
  • Premium Training library
  • Tons of bonuses
  • & more...

Are You a Good Fit?

Who is The 250K Society For?

The 250k Society is not your typical online business community and we’re not looking for typical online business owners. To be a part of the 250k Society you must have a “250K Mindset” and you must seek to serve others as much as you hope to serve yourself.

Full-Time Online Business Owners Who Want to Scale their business

Already have a “full time” online business but want to get to the next level? The 250K Society is a great fit.

online "side-hustlers" Who want their online business to be their main thing

Ready to build something more than a “side-hustle?” Go “full-time” with the help of The 250K Society.

Newer online business owners who value guidance and support

Are you making some money but still at the beginning stages? The 250K Society will fast-track your growth.

online freelancers who are tired of trading time for money

Are you stuck on the time-for-money treadmill? The 250K Society will transition you to a scalable income model.

this isn’t for everyone

Certain Kinds of People Are Not Welcome in The 250K Society

I’m not interested in building the biggest accelerator community for online business owners, I’m interested in building the best accelerator community. That means we place the culture and quality of members above all else.

no "get rich quick" types

We only want people who want to build a legit, long-term online business that makes a real impact on the world.

no bullshit artists

We only want people who have an authentic message – people who will never manipulate, scam, or spam.

no wantrepreneurs

Serious online business owners only. If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk and execute day in and day out.

no narcissists

We want people who aren’t just in it for themselves and are willing to give as much as they receive.

You’re good Enough

Are You Eligible?

The 250K Society is not structured to help you start from scratch, so to be eligible for membership you must have an established online business that’s generating some revenue. It’s okay if you’re only making a small amount as long as you’ve launched something and have some traction.

real-world guidance

Finally, a Community That Actually Focuses On You

The problem with “membership communities” is that almost all of them are focused on “training.” 

The 250k Society is different. We’re focused first and foremost on solving the real challenges you’re facing with your business and holding you accountable to profitable behavior through personal connection and interaction.

Trainings are available – and they’re stellar – but the focus is 100% on moving your business forward, not distracting you and overwhelming you with training after training.

serious online business owners only

Stop Trying to Grow Alone

Feel Supported, Encouraged, and Energized

Trying to grow your business alone isn’t smart or enjoyable and only leads to stress and burnout. Getting support, encouragement, and guidance from men and women who have been where you’ve been and who have experienced the success you want to attain gives you and your business unbelievable energy to execute and grow each and every day.

join the 250k society

Ready to join the most gritty, real, actionable, and in-the-trenches accelerator for online business owners in existence?

get access to...

  • our exclusive digital society
  • Daily Engagement with Kevin
  • Weekly mentoring sessions
  • Premium Training library
  • Tons of bonuses
  • & more...

take a peak inside

What Does the 250k Society Look & Feel Like?

It feels familiar. It’s built in a dedicated app space that’s as easy and engaging as your favorite social media app and accessible on any device.

When you login, you’ll encounter a feed full of posts from 250k Society members. You can jump right in by leaving comments or creating posts of your own.

Aside from the feed you can dive into the archive of premium traininge, engage in private messaging with other members, get personalized help from Kevin, or RSVP for an upcoming power hour call. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Get the guidance you need

Weekly “Power Hour” Mentoring Calls

Get direct access to Kevin Michael Geary every single week via our 250K Power Hour mentoring calls. Each call is limited to 6 people to make sure you get the attention you need and are dynamic – audio, video, and even screen sharing capable for live tutorials and demonstrations.

250k Power Hour Mockup

01. Apply to Join

Applications are reviewed within 24 hours. Some applications are instantly approved and some require a quick phone call to approve.  If your application is declined you’ll receive a brief explanation.

02. GET Guidance & Training

Participating is easier than ever with our beautiful app space that’s easy & feels familiar (as easy as social media). Plus we tell every newcomer exactly where to start & how to get value quickly.

03. Grow your business

A hallmark of 250K Society is holding each other accountable to “profitable behaviors” in your online business. You can’t just “learn” – you have to execute! We tailor everything to your individual business.

This is as valuable as it gets

We Flipped the Script on How Membership Communities Work

Most membership communities for business owners are just a random forum of posts and an archive of trainings. The result is that you wander around aimlessly, waste a bunch of time, and cancel a few months later.

The 250K Society is completely different. It all starts with the Power Hour coaching calls and expert feedback where you get personalized guidance and mentoring specific to your business.

Once you know exactly what you need to be executing on, the community supports your efforts and holds you accountable while the trainings fill whatever gaps exist in your knowledge & skills.

The result is that you gain immediate confidence and clarity in your day-to-day execution – exactly what you need to create serious, sustainable growth.

Featured Testimonial

“I’m sick of people who just talk about revenue. I love how Kevin and The 250K Society are focused 100% on profitability and helping me run a smarter business. That’s helped me tremendously!” ~ Dana Chapman

serious online business owners only

Want to join us?

Membership is a Simple $199/mo

To become a 250K Society member, just click the button below to apply. If you’re a great fit, you’ll get approved and have the opportunity to join & gain immediate access. We can’t wait to meet you and help you grow your online business!

serious online business owners only


Let’s Recap What’s Included

Here’s a checklist overview of what you get access to as a 250K Society member.

green checkmark icon

exclusive society access (private app)

  • Private mobile & web app. Connect with Kevin Michael Geary and the rest of the 250K Society. (I log in multiple times a day and personally help all members).
  • Post questions and feedback requests. Collect advice, feedback, and insight from 250K members in real time.
  • Provide help and feedback to others. Everyone supports everyone’s mission to grow a successful online business.
  • Daily mini-lessons from Kevin. Each day I post a quick tip, hack, or lesson that you can apply to your online business.
  • Topic-specific feed. Follow the topics you’re most interested in and mute the others so you can stay focused.
green checkmark icon

weekly Power Hour Mentoring Sessions

  • 60-minute open weekly group mentoring sessions. Led by Kevin personally, these are held at varying time zones and frequencies to ensure plenty of access.
  • Get personalized help, advice, and coaching for your specific business situation. This isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Interactive coaching environment. We use the Zoom platform to coach privately and securely with audio, video, screen sharing, quick tutorials, and more.
  • Sessions are recorded and archived. If you can’t attend live you can still submit questions, advice requests, feedback requests, tutorial requests, and more.
green checkmark icon

premium online training library

  • Thousands of dollars worth of premium online trainings. Learn what you need to learn on the most important topics that determine the success of your online business (more details further down the page).
  • New trainings added every single month! Training topics are voted on by members so the most pressing and popular topics are covered each month.
  • Training-specific discussion areas. Ask questions and get help with specific training topics and see what other people are asking about that topic as well.
green checkmark icon

1-1 "Back Pocket" Voxer Mentoring from Kevin

*Gold Level Only – Only available to members (you can upgrade to Gold once you’re already a member if space is available).

  • The most dynamic coaching & mentoring available. Get “on demand” access to Kevin Michael Geary through the Voxer app.
  • Have a powerhouse business mentor in your back pocket. It doesn’t matter what you need help with or advice on, you’re one button push away from Kevin’s help and guidance 7 days a week.
  • No calls or schedules. This is true flexibility and responsiveness. You never have to schedule meetings or dedicate blocks of time to coaching calls. It’s a fluid mentoring relationship that blows traditional business coaching out of the water.
  • White glove treatment. I don’t hold back. You end up getting thousands of dollars in bonuses such as website audits, copywriting help, tech assistance, etc. It’s all about doing what needs to be done to move your business forward.
  • Limited availability and application only. Kevin only works with 5 business owners at a time in 90-day increments to make sure all the attention stays on you.

what else?

What Kind of Trainings Are Available?

Our zero-fluff premium online trainings and tutorials give you the insights, mindset, and skills you need to build and manage a healthy, growing online business.

clarify your messag icon

winning messaging

Learn how to craft your messaging so you can get more sales at higher prices with less effort.

audience segmentation icon

audience segmentation

Learn how to create core audience segments to make your marketing strategy simpler and easier.

monetization icon

high-profit monetization

Learn how to best monetize the core segments of your audience for maximum impact & profitability.

product launh icon

fast, profitable product Launching

Learn the most successful process for building & launching profitable products with zero risk.

search engine optimization (SEO) icon

high-level search engine optimization

Learn how to drive tons of targeted leads to your site every month with elite SEO strategies.

content marketing icon

elite blogging

Learn how to create written, video, audio, and graphical content that grabs your ideal customer.

traffic stats icon

traffic generation

Learn scalable, “what’s working now” strategies for driving both free and paid traffic to your website.

sales funnel icon

selling without being salesy

Learn how to sell in a way that you feel good about, that aligns with your values, and that’s wildly effective.

email marketing icon

High-Level Email Marketing

Learn how to make at least $1 in revenue per email subscriber per month.

organization & productivity icon

organization & productivity

Learn how plan for intentional growth and achieve rock-solid consistency in your execution.

analytics icon

analytics & metrics

Learn how to leverage key metrics to find opportunities for added growth and profitability.


high-growth networking

Learn how to leverage other people and other audiences to accelerate your business’ growth.

practical insight & advice

How Exactly Will The 250K Society Help My Business?

The 250K Society is a place where we can help you get clear on what’s working in your business, what’s not working, and what needs to be improved. The trainings, paired with the personalized guidance you’ll receive, teach you how to make the changes necessary to break through to the next level, reduce your stress as an owner, and make a bigger impact.

serious online business owners only

expert leadership

Meet Kevin Michael Geary, Founder of The 250K Society

Kevin Michael Geary is the founder of Digital Ambition, host of the Digital Ambition Podcast, and creator of the 250K Society.

After exiting a successful brick and mortar business that he started and grew from 2008 to 2013 he has created three successful online businesses in three separate niches all generating six figures in profit.

Kevin isn’t just the creator of the 250K Society, he’s an active member. Creating an engaged, winning culture starts from the top and Kevin aims to set the example for that every single day.

kevin michael geary portrait

Watch These Final Thoughts From Kevin…

Still on the fence? Listen to this…

let's get on the same page

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fit in? Who is The 250K Society for?

The 250K Society is for online small business owners only (no brick and mortar businesses and no venture-funded startups) and we disallow "wantrepreneurs" (people won't don't take action) and "get rich quick" types (yuck!).

Even though it's an exclusive community, the group is very diverse with businesses ranging from $1k/mo to $50k/mo. There are solopreneurs and businesses with small teams. And our community is international. If you're serious, committed, and focused, you'll fit right in.

Is there a trial membership of any kind?

There are no trial memberships for The 250K Society. I'm 1000% confident in the value of the membership and I'm 2000% sure I don't want to onboard new people, integrate them into the community, and provide immense value only to see them disappear a couple weeks later. If you're in "trial mode," you're not in the right mindset to be successful in a community like this, so press pause and join at a later date.

My business is different from others – how do I know you can actually help me?

The fact that you think your business is different from others is all the more reason to surround yourself with a diverse group of experienced online business owners. As the owner of your business you are often too close to the problem. You need feedback and advice from others to help you solve challenges and navigate your growth successfully.

I've purchased a lot of courses and they didn't do anything for my business. How is this different?

Great question. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that courses haven't moved the needle for them (and I've experienced the same thing). That's exactly why I chose not to create courses for online business owners.

Courses are too myopic and too one-size-fits-all. Plus, it's YOU choosing which courses to invest in and then you start trying to implement stuff that may not be right for your business because you're too close to the problem and can't see what's actually needed.

The 250K Society is a completely different experience. You get expert guidance, support, and mentoring for your specific business. The only time you spend doing trainings or executing is after one or more people in the community have confirmed that it's a good idea for your business.

The 250K Society gives you tremendous confidence and clarity to execute in the most efficient and effective manner possible so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy on stuff that will never work.

What is the minimum I need to be eligible for membership?

Assuming you're a good person and a serious online business owner, all you need is an established online business that's doing at least $1000/mo. If you're not far enough along to be eligible for The 250K Society, you should enroll in Freedom Business Hive instead.

If I never get to $250,000, am I a failure?

There is no failure in this game unless you quit. Part of the reason to set bold goals is so that even if you fall short you'll still be wildly successful by most people's standards. The 250k Society isn't about perfection and all-or-nothing thinking, it's about pursuing a meaningful, bold journey that ultimately frees you from the rat race and allows you to live life without limitations. The minute you're able to go full time with your online gig is the minute I'd personally consider you to be successful. If that's not happening, you need to keep pivoting until it does.

Why is 250K an income goal and not a revenue goal?

Because revenue without the context of profitability is meaningless. There are businesses that do 10 million dollars a year and the owner isn't paying herself because there's no profit. If you borrow $100k and dump it into advertising and simply make that money back, you've done $100k in revenue. So what? Revenue doesn't pay your personal bills, therefore the only thing that matters is how much goes into your personal pocket each month.

How long will it take for me to get to the $250K mark?

Every business is different and there are zero guarantees. Anyone who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke up your rear end. All we can promise is that we're going to work our ass off for you, we're going to hold you accountable to profitable behavior, and we're going to help you get back up – or bob and weave – when life tries to punch you in the face.

What happens after I make it to the $250K mark?

This is our favorite part. Your tuition is adjusted to $0, you become an official 250k Society Mentor, and you choose whether you want to ride off into the sunset or keep scaling to 7 or even 8 figures.

Do I really get to work directly with Kevin Michael Geary

Yes. Kevin is active in The 250K Society private app multiple times per day interacting with posts and discussions. He also personally leads all Power Hour mentoring calls. While you have an opportunity to get help and support from a lot of different people inside The 250K Society, Kevin is always at the forefront.

How does the application process work?

Once you fill out an application, Kevin will review it within 48 hours. Some applications are approved immediately after review – if this is the case, you'll receive an enrollment link and then a private access link after you enroll. Some applications require a quick phone interview for approval to make sure you're a good fit. If your application is denied for any reason, you'll receive a full explanation as to why.

We're not interested in building the biggest community for online business owners, we're interested in building the best community. The application process is not a gimmick. Every application is hand-reviewed and about 40% of applications are denied.

Is there a refund policy?

We know what we bring to the table. If you don't *also* know what we bring to the table or you're not willing to bet on us, then you're not ready yet. In other words, there are no refunds. You're going to get astronomical value from the 250k Society. If you're thinking for one minute that this might not be worth your time and money then don't join. Read my articles, listen to my podcast, and open my emails. When you're ready, we'd love to have you.

The 250K Society is an exclusive membership community created by Kevin Michael Geary, founder of