Personal, Affordable Business Coaching You’ll Actually Use

Don’t have time for extensive online trainings, membership communities, & mastermind calls? Just want simple, straightforward, on-demand advice and guidance to grow your business, income, and freedom? Watch this…


A Coach in Your Back Pocket

Get direct access to high-level coaching & strategy advice for rapid business growth whenever you need it.


Fast & Simple

No courses, groups, platforms, appointment scheduling, time blocking, or other limitations.


Exclusive Access

I only work with 25 online business owners through email and Voxer. This is a very exclusive coaching option.


Dedicated Coaching

You get direct access to me and me only. You’ll never get a response from my assistants or anyone other than me.


Premium Trainings Library

Access all my premium trainings for times when you need to learn or review a specific skill.


Super Affordable

Far more affordable than traditional appointment-based 1-1 coaching with just as much – if not more – access.


I Want Email Coaching

Get on-demand access to me via a private email address exclusive to E-Pro clients. Simple, fast, and direct coaching whenever you need it.


I Want Voxer Coaching

Get on-demand access to me via the Voxer App for a faster and more robust coaching experience using private audio messages and/or text. 

The Specifics…

What will this type of coaching do for me, exactly?

This type of coaching and guidance gives you one of the most valuable things you can have as a business owner – a direct lifeline to a trusted adviser and coach who is fanatical about helping you WIN. 

Will I help you grow your impact, income, and freedom by helping you nail your strategy, messaging, monetization, execution, and operations? Absolutely. Will I help you show up in your business with confidence every single day like a true Digital CEO. 100%. But, it’s more than all that. It’s about having someone in your corner day in and day out, supporting you through this crazy world of online business.

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What's the difference between the two coaching programs?

One program happens via email (which I call E-PRO) and the other happens via an app called Voxer (which I call V-PRO).

If you’re not familiar with Voxer, it’s an app used to send private text and audio messages so you don’t have to type. You can just press a button, talk to me, and it’ll send me the voice message instantly. I do the same to reply.

With V-PRO coaching, you’ll be able to send messages faster, get responses faster, and avoid having to type. Another benefit is that you get to hear my tone of voice. It’s also easier to participate on-the-go as it all happens from your mobile device (though Voxer also has a web application if you want to use your computer for anything).

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What's the typical response time when I need help?

Initial response time for email coaching is within 24 hours. Replies to existing threads are guaranteed within 48 hours.

Initial response time for Voxer coaching is within minutes to hours. Follow up responses guaranteed within 24 hours, but are often immediate. 

What is Voxer?

It’s a really great FREE app for sending private audio, text, image, or file messages back and forth instantly. It’s basically the convenience of texting (send/reply when available) without the annoyance of having to type with your thumbs and the benefits of a phone call without having to schedule meetings and block out time.

Best of both worlds!

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Is there a price difference between the two programs?

Yes, Voxer coaching is more expensive than email coaching due to its unique benefits, faster response time, and the level of access you get to me.

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Why do we need to a discovery call first?

While you might want to jump right in, I don’t work with just anyone. While you might know me fairly well from listening to my podcast, watching my videos, reading my articles and emails, etc. I still need to learn more about you and your business to make sure we’re a good fit.

This is not a sales call. I’m not going to try and convince you to work with me. I’m assuming you already understand the value of doing something like this, so if we agree that it’s a good fit then we’ll move forward assuming the price is right for you. If it’s not a green light, it’s no problem.

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Am I locked into a contract?

I don’t do contracts. If you want to participate in E-PRO or V-PRO, we’ll do a digital handshake agreement that you’ll give the process at least 60 days to work. After that, you can cancel any time you want.

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How many people do you work with at a time?

The maximum number of people I can work with at a time in these programs without harming my sanity is 25 (I’m sure you understand). It’s a very exclusive opportunity for people who are serious about winning faster and at a higher level.

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What kind of business owners do you primarily work with?

I’m a best fit for creators, bloggers, freelancers, agency owners, coaches, and experts. I also work with a few select offline business owners.

Note: I do not work with MLM or “Network Marketers.”

How do I join?
Schedule your discovery call. We’ll make sure it’s a good fit for both of us, I’ll give you all the details, and then we’ll decide whether or not to move forward.

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