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Turn Your Dead or Underperforming Blog Posts Into a Traffic & List Building Powerhouse

Blog Rescue is an actionable online course that teaches you how to use little-known SEO tactics to tidy up your blog and get your existing posts to rank in Google.

Your Existing Blog Posts Are an Untapped Gold Mine of Traffic & Leads

Most of your blog posts don’t rank in Google and thus don’t drive any relevant traffic to your site. 

Plus, since most visitors to your site will never go beyond your 10 most recent posts, all the work you did to create your old posts gets buried in your archive, never to be seen or heard from again.

The good news is that all those dead and forgotten blog posts can be rescued! In fact, spending time rescuing your old posts is nearly 500% more effective at driving traffic to your site than creating new content.

All you have to do is learn the CLEAN process that I teach in this Blog Rescue online course…


Learn how to use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and basic keyword research to diagnose all your old blog posts.

Using a combination of traffic data, live ranking data, and keyword research data you’ll be able to quickly identify all your potential winners and losers.


Use my Blog Audit Command Center spreadsheet to list all your old posts and categorize them based on your analysis from step one.

I’ll teach you how to assess each post so you know whether or not to leave it, eliminate it, or adjust it.


It’s time to eliminate the losers. A little-known fact of SEO is that eliminating certain types of content from your site can improve your rankings and increase your traffic!

You just have to know which posts to remove and how to remove them safely. I’ll teach you.


Once the losers are gone it’s time to turn your attention to the potential winners.

I’ll show you how to optimize and combine posts according to the data you pulled in step one so that your old posts can start ranking for relevant terms and earning you a steady stream of free, organic traffic from Google.


Each post you optimize and re-publish should be put back into active promotion, earning you instant traffic and brand attention on social media.

I’ll teach you two little-known methods of outreach for earning traffic and links that you’ve probably never used before – tactics that will tremendously increase your authority and influence.

There are three key results from implementing my CLEAN process on your site and rescuing your blog:

  1. Your entire blog is tidied up and refreshed. Your visitors will love this and so will Google.
  2. You’ll get instant traffic from the promotional efforts I teach, free, organic traffic from the new rankings you’ll achieve, and if you place simple calls to action on the posts that rank you can dramatically increase your email list growth as well.
  3. You’ll be equipped to continue this process for the life of your blog to make sure your blog stays nice and CLEAN.

Your blog is a gold mine of potential, we just need to CLEAN it. Are you ready to rescue your blog?

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