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We're bringing the heat today. Nathan Fraser joins me on the show to talk about why your copy sucks and what you can do about it. In fact, he's breaking copywriting down into 9 specific action steps to make it as easy for you as possible. He also created a free guide so you don't have to take notes. How nice of him.

Why should you care? Because every aspect of your business is dependent on copywriting. Right now, your copy is either crippling your conversion rate or crushing for you.

Strong copywriting will increase your engagement on social media, drive more subscribers to your email list, and put more dollars in your bank account.

The 9 points Nathan shares on this episode will help you build a solid foundation, but Nathan is very clear that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm glad he mentioned that. It lets me know I need to bring him back over and over again to milk him for more tips.

After you listen to this episode, you'll want to find a way to pay me back for the gold I helped deliver into your eardrums (and your wallet). If that urge hits you, you can pay me back by going to iTunes and hitting the subscribe button and leaving a 5-star rating and review.


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