I felt that in 2017 I was doing too much.

I felt like I was putting too much effort into certain places that weren’t creating a strong payoff. And in doing this, I was running myself ragged unnecessarily.

I don’t set goals or resolutions at the beginning of a year. Instead, I create a theme. And my theme for 2018 is “simplicity and simplification.”

During the month of December, I went through my personal life and I looked for all the ways I can simplify things. I went through my schedule. I went through finances. I went through all the personal responsibilities that I have and I cut out a lot of stuff.

I did the same thing with my businesses. I cut expenses, dropped various software applications that we really didn’t need, cut out some product lines that weren’t as popular, and so on.

As we launch into 2018, I want to keep this momentum of simplification going by inspiring you to make some changes in your own life and business.

To help with this, Jenny Shih is joining me for a discussion on overcoming overwhelm. We have a great conversation that applies to people who are trying to grow their business as well as people who just have an idea and are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done to execute on it.

There’s a lot of good stuff in this episode – I hope you enjoy it.

You can learn more about Jenny at JennyShih.com

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