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Everything is sales.

Say it again. Everything is sales.

You have to start thinking this way.

What do I mean?

Every article you write is sales.

Every social media post is sales.

Every email is sales.

EVERYTHING is sales.

You can't just think of sales as selling a product or service. There's a lot of selling that takes place way before that.

When you post your article on social media, the copy that you use is selling people on the idea of clicking on that post.

The post itself is selling people on something. Maybe it's selling them on executing on a specific task. Maybe it's selling them on thinking a certain way. It's definitely selling them on joining your email list, no?

When you send an email, it's the same thing. That email has a purpose and needs to be crafted in a way to sell according to that purpose.

So, everything is sales.

You may not have a product yet, but that doesn't mean you're not selling.

Quick Exercise

Answer these three questions as they relate to your business...

  1. What ideas do I need to sell people on?
  2. What mindset do I need to sell people into adopting?
  3. What do I have to sell my prospects on NOT doing?

Make sure you listen to the episode for examples.

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