You need to move faster. You need to fail faster. You need to break things faster. Why? Because money likes speed.

Every day that goes by where you’re brainstorming, considering, weighing pros and cons, tweaking, adjusting, and perfecting is a day of lost opportunity. It’s another day where your thing isn’t interacting with the marketplace. It’s another day you’re not being rewarded for what you’re offering the world.

I’m going to walk you through a real timeline of a recent project and new offering at Six-Figure Grind – The 1-Page Freedom Plan.

This will help you see what I mean when I say “move faster.”

And I get that there might be tech hurdles. There might be real excuses for why you’ve been moving slowly. That’s all fine and dandy. Just know that your excuses don’t help you. They don’t add to your bottom line.

Everyone has legit reasons for why they didn’t move more quickly. Just know that the most successful people consistently find ways to move faster even when confronted with obstacles and challenges.


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