Published On: Oct 24, 2018

#067: Overcoming 3 Basic Objections to What You Sell

Hosted by: Kevin Geary • Founder of

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Want to know one of the big differences between beginner entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs?

Beginner entrepreneurs think that all you have to do is create products and services that people want in a profitable niche. The fact that people are going to have objections doesn’t even cross their mind during the building phase.

This is a very expensive mistake. Not only do you lose a lot of sales during the process of identifying and overcoming objections as a reactionary strategy but you also have to go back and make a lot of adjustments to your marketing, your sales process, and maybe even the product itself.

Experienced entrepreneurs know that even when you do everything right, you’re still going to face objections. They do their homework ahead of time to figure out exactly what those objections are going to be and they develop specific responses to those objections.

That’s not where they stop, either. After they develop responses to the objections they use their marketing and even product design to highlight and overcome those objections. They bake it into everything they do!

In today’s episode of the Six-Figure Grind Podcast, I’m going to teach you the three basic objection frameworks to help you identify and diagnose objections within the excuses that people give you when you make your offer or your pitch.

That’s something else you need to know. People aren’t going to tell you exactly what their objection is. They’re going to make vague excuses and you’re going to have to decipher exactly what their objection is rooted in.

That’s precisely what these objection frameworks help you figure out.

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