Published On: Mar 5, 2019

Do You Even Convert, Bro?

Hosted by: Kevin Geary • Founder of

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There are three reasons I want to talk to you about conversions today:

  1. Most people are too shortsighted when they talk about conversions – they miss the big picture.
  2. There are far too many people celebrating micro-conversions when they’re failing to make the big time conversions they really need to be making.
  3. Even advanced entrepreneurs are missing the boat when it comes to some of the final conversion points.

By the end of this podcast episode you’re going to have a brand new understanding of what conversions are and how newbies, beginners, intermediate entrepreneurs, advanced entrepreneurs, and master entrepreneurs all focus on different conversion points (I want you to see the difference between intermediate and master entrepreneurs, for example).

There’s golden nuggets for everyone in this episode, so let’s dive in.

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