Published On: Aug 15, 2019

#123: The 3 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made Building This Business (So Far)

Hosted by: Kevin Geary • Founder of

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I recently came to the realization that I’m trying to be too proactive and forward thinking with teaching and giving you value and I’m missing the value that’s inherent in talking about the things that DON’T work or that DIDN’T go the way I expected or hoped they’d go.

So, my goal going forward will be to mix in more real-world lessons from things that I screw up or that don’t work out, assuming you like to hear that sort of thing (click here to let me know).

In this episode I’m going to cover the 3 biggest mistakes I think I’ve made so far in building Hope you like it!

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Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary

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