Let me let you in on a little secret before we get started...

Most lawn care companies don’t know the first thing about online marketing. They’re stuck in the 90s when it comes to getting customers.

That’s good news for you. It means you can easily dominate ... if you’re willing to explore the online marketing route (don’t be intimidated, we’re gonna keep this simple).

The Marketing Psychology of Getting New Lawn Care Customers

The good news about the lawn care business is that you're not in a market where you really have to sell and convince people that you're the best in town.

For the most part, people just want their lawn taken care of at a fair price and as long as you don't screw it up, fail to show up, etc. then you're good to go.

Another important thing to understand: when your ideal customers decide they need a lawn care company, they probably don't already have one in mind.

So, what do they do? Aside from asking a friend, they head to Google and start searching. When you combine this fact with what I said above about not needing to sell very hard, the strategy becomes very clear...

Show up first and get the conversion as quickly as possible.

Here's how to do that in 5 steps...

Step #1: Create an Irresistible Offer

If you want to rake in lawn care leads, you need to put an irresistible offer in front of the right people. Something that makes them instantly interested in taking the next step.

Think about your average lawn care customer. If you can get in front of them, convey trust and expertise, and make them a great offer, you're probably in the door for at least a season of service.

This is where we need to talk about numbers. In order to craft a truly irresistible offer and put some advertising dollars behind it, you need to know how much a customer is worth to you for a single season of lawn care. If you know how much a customer is worth, you know how much you can afford to spend to acquire them.

Here's the math: If a low-end client is worth $600 to you for the entire season, 50% of that is profit ($300), and you want to make 3x what you're spending, then you can afford to spend $100 to acquire a customer.

Some of that $100 needs to go to advertising and some of it needs to go toward the costs associated with the special offer.

Here's the deal: If your competitors are trying to make a profit on the very first visit with a new customer and you're willing to break even or even "lose money" (I put that in quotes because you aren't really losing money) on the first visit, then you're going to win every time.

Example Irresistable Offer

Get a cut, trim, and clean-up for only $9 and we'll use that first visit to give you a custom quote for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service plans.

Step #2: Creating a Landing Page for Capturing Leads

Get Lawn Care Customers Fast With This Simple Marketing Funnel 1

Once you know what your irresistible offer is going to be, you need a way to easily present that offer to people and capture leads. This is done with a "landing page."

A landing page is a single web page (not a full website) designed with one specific goal in mind (to capture a lead, sell something, etc.).

There are a ton of tools out there for creating landing pages and they all have their pros and cons. This is where you'll just want to defer to my experience rather than potentially choosing the wrong tool for the job.

The best tool for almost all use cases (whether you have an existing website or not) is Convertflow.

Convertflow offers drag and drop landing pages. You'll want to have a domain name (a .com for example) for professionalism purposes, but no "real" website is necessary.

The best thing about Convertflow is that it's only about $29/mo and it'll send the leads you collect right to your inbox.

With Convertflow, you can go from signing up to having a fully-functional lead capture landing page that's ready for traffic in just an hour or two.

Step #3: Drive Traffic with Google Ads

Since a lot of your ideal customers are searching for lawn care companies on Google, it makes a lot of sense to pay to show up in the search results for the terms they're using.

This is easy to do using Google PPC (pay per click) ads. You tell Google which search phrases you want to bid on, what service area you want to bid within, create a simple text ad, and you're off to the races.

Here's an example of two lawn care PPC ads...

Get Lawn Care Customers Fast With This Simple Marketing Funnel 2

And would you look at that ... they're trying their hand at creating an irresistible offer. One is offering the 1st treatment for $24.95 and the other is offering 50% off the first service.

Look how simple those ads are. Those could be you!

What keywords should I bid on?

Google is pretty good at walking you through how to create your first ad in Google Ads. The hard part is knowing which keywords to bid on. For that, you need to have a pretty solid understanding of important SEO fundamentals like search intent, short tail vs long tail, and so on.

Don't worry, though, I'm gonna help you out! I've already done some preliminary research for you. I'll send you a sample lawn care PPC game plan for free, which includes keywords to target and a traffic and conversions forecast for a sample target area.

Step #4: "Retarget" Visitors with Facebook Ads

This step is optional, but it's pretty important.

Let's revisit buyer psychology for a second. People may not sign up for your offer the first time they see it, even if they're interested.

What does this mean? It means that people who are interested in willing and able to be your client, will leave your landing page without entering their info in.

People do this for various reasons. The bottom line is that if you don't find a way to reach them again, you can pretty much consider them gone for good.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to reach them again is with Facebook ads. Facebook gives you a "pixel" (one line of code) that you put on your landing page. This pixel checks every single visitor to see if they're a Facebook user. If they are, it flags them. This allows you to go into the Facebook Ad Manager and create ads that only those flagged people will see (people who visited your landing page).

So, here's what happens:

Someone gets on Google and searches for a lawn care company. They see your ad and click on it, taking them to your landing page. They see the offer, but they end up leaving the page. Later that evening they get on Facebook and start scrolling down the feed and ... there's an ad reminding them of the offer and inviting them to come back to the landing page and take advantage.

Get Lawn Care Customers Fast With This Simple Marketing Funnel 3

Simple, right?

These retargeting ads are very effective. And each person they convert is a lead you probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Step #5: Test, Tweak, & Scale Your Funnel

While this is a sound lead generation model that can produce results fast, all funnels require testing and tweaking to get them dialed in.

One of the great things about software like Convertflow is that it allows you to easily do A/B testing. You can split test two different offers, two different headlines, and so on.

By split testing, you don't have to guess which offer is going to work best. You can let the data drive the decision making!

If your funnel is driving leads and customers to your lawn care business like hot cakes, that's when you'll want to start scaling it up. You can start increasing the Google Ads budget or explore other traffic channels for getting your offer seen like YouTube Ads, Cold Facebook Ads, and more.


Online marketing is an extremely powerful way to quickly get customers for your lawn care business. By creating a rock solid offer and sending targeted, ready-to-buy traffic to a tightly focused landing page, you can build a profitable, scalable lead generation faucet that runs on autopilot.

Make sure you grab my sample lawn care business PPC game plan for free and then head over to Convertflow to start getting your landing page setup.