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“In just a month after joining up and working with Kevin, I more than doubled my top line revenue. Not long after that I acquired my first seven figure consulting client.”

Vijay Jacob | Agency Owner

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If You’re Anything Like the Average Owner, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur, You’re Currently…

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Listening to a dozen different “gurus”

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2 chapters deep into 5 different books

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Participating in 7 different Facebook groups

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Getting emails from 9 different lists

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Listening to 6 different podcasts

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Begging for attention on multiple social networks

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Totally confused or frustrated when it comes to getting customers online

But, What If…

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You had access to one powerful community of owners, creators, bloggers, coaches, freelancers, and entrepreneurs growing their business online, sharing what works, and giving you feedback?

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That community was actively moderated and curated to weed out the fakes, frauds, and wantrepreneurs?

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That community had clear expert leadership and guidance from someone who has built successful businesses in multiple niches and helped run online marketing for companies making $10M+?

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You also had access to advice and feedback personalized to your specific business, the highest quality, step-by-step trainings, weekly hot seat calls, and more...?

That’s exactly what Freedom Business Hive gives you and it’s free and awesome.

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Here’s How it Works…

Participating in Freedom Business Hive and getting tremendous value is simple…

100% free

Ask Questions & Get Feedback

Have a tribe of experienced owners, freelancers, & entrepreneurs at your fingertips.

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Hot Seat Calls & Live Trainings

Live weekly calls for personalized guidance from Kevin & other special live events.

100% free

Live Chat & Direct Messaging

Network with and chat with other members privately in the private messages area.

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Access a Full Library of Premium Trainings

Zero-fluff trainings fill any knowledge gaps you have an add to your business toolbox.

100% free

Browse Posts & Resources by Topic

Topic organization makes it easy to quickly find discussions or resources or browse by interest.

100% free

Notifications So You Never Miss the Action

Know when a new event gets posted, someone replies, or a new training becomes available.

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Checklists, Cheatsheets, & More

Do you love structure? Then you’ll love having access to all our best cheat sheets, checklists, and workbooks to help you execute quickly & effectively.

100% free

Access From Any Computer or Device,
Anywhere in the World

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access Freedom Business Hive.

Want to Know EXACTLY What Kinds of Things You’ll Learn & Get Coaching on Inside Freedom Business Hive?

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how to get traffic to your site

Learn scalable, “what’s working now” strategies for driving both free and paid traffic to your website.

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how to build an engaged audience

Learn how to attract your target prospects en masse and build a tribe of raving fans.

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how to grow your email list

Learn how to systematically build and cultivate a solid list of “ready to buy” prospects.

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how to make money from email

Learn how to make at least $1 in revenue per email subscriber per month.

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how to navigate tech stuff

The “tech” of online business doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll guide you so your online business feels simple.

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how to win with content

Learn how to create written, video, audio, and graphical content that grabs your ideal customer.

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how to launch a new product/service

Learn the most successful process for building & launching profitable products with zero risk.

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how to sell without being salesy

Learn how to sell in a way that you feel good about, that aligns with your values, and that’s wildly effective.

search engine optimization (SEO) icon

how to show up on google

Learn how to drive tons of targeted leads to your site every month with elite SEO strategies.

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organization & productivity

Learn how plan for intentional growth and achieve rock-solid consistency in your execution.

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how to keep score

Learn how to leverage key metrics to find opportunities for added growth and profitability.


how to build profitable relationships

Learn how to leverage other people and other audiences to accelerate your business’ growth.

Getting Started or Need Foundational Help?

There’s a full 8-week “Freedom Business Boot Camp” course that walks you step-by-step through all the most important and foundational stuff – perfect for starting your business the right way or going back to work on important things that you missed when you first started your business.

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Is Freedom Business Hive Right for You?

We’re not for everyone and we have no intention of building the biggest community for online entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build THE BEST mastermind community for online entrepreneurs. Check below to see if you’re a good fit…


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Online entrepreneurs – especially coaches, experts, & creatives – who want personalized, expert guidance to grow their business, income, & freedom.

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People who like structure and who want someone to look over their shoulder and tell them what they’re doing right and what they can improve on.

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Online business owners who often feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed and need help making their business work better and feel easier. 

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Online business owners who have a great business model but need more visibility, traffic, leads, email subscribers, and sales.

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Online freelancers who want stop trading time for money and who are ready to build a more stable and scalable business.

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Aspiring online entrepreneurs who need help starting their online business the right way.


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People who are trying to “make money online” by any means necessary and have no intention of having a legitimate business.

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People who are fragile, can’t take honest feedback, or aren’t willing to put in any time or effort to get results.

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People who want something for nothing and are always trying to avoid investing in their business AKA “freebie seekers” and “scared money” types.

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MLM entrepreneurs or “network marketers” or any business that requires active recruitment (note: affiliate marketing is perfectly fine).

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People looking for “done for you” services, a “business in a box,” or other “turnkey solutions.”

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People who expect magic to happen overnight or after one call – people who aren’t willing to deal with failure or play the long game.

free to join • instant access

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Hear From Our Members…

Videos mention “The 250K Society” – they’re from prior to the rebranding of the community.

“It really takes a lot to impress me. I’ve been part of many membership communities and masterminds in the past. Nothing comes close to what Kevin offers.”

Dean Phillips | Digital Marketing Expert

“I wish I could take the thousands of dollars I spent on courses and go back in time and just join Kevin’s community. His guidance is absolutely invaluable. In just two months I doubled my email list and my revenue. Join now, you won’t regret it.”

Ashley Patrick | Personal Finance Coach

“I’m sick of people who just talk about revenue. I love how Kevin is focused 100% on profitability and helping me run a smarter business. That’s helped me tremendously!”

Dana Chapman | RealFitTV

“Kevin really really knows his shit. If you want guidance growing your online business and want support and accountability at the same time, you need to be working with Kevin. He’s amazing.

Kim Ludeman | Confidence Coach

“Signing up for Kevin’s community was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.”

Thom Underwood | Wellness Counselor

“Just one hot seat call with Kevin literally increased my income by $4300/mo.”

Laurel Portie | Agency Owner

free to join • instant access

meet your mentor

Meet Kevin Michael Geary
Founder of Freedom Business Hive

Kevin Michael Geary is the founder of, host of the Digital Ambition Podcast, and creator of Freedom Business Hive (AKA “The Hive”).

After exiting a successful brick and mortar business that he started and grew from 2008 to 2013, Kevin created three successful online businesses in three separate niches in less than 6 years.

Kevin isn’t just the creator of The Hive, he’s an active member. Creating an engaged, winning culture starts from the top and Kevin aims to set the example for that every single day.

kevin michael geary portrait

free to join • instant access

more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How will The Hive help grow my business?

Having access to ongoing guidance, coaching, support, trainings, and feedback is an absolute necessity – nobody gets ahead in this game alone. Beyond that, here’s exactly what’s going to happen…

  • We’re going to give you sound online marketing and business strategy advice.
  • We’re going to give you direct feedback on your brand, website, products, sales pages, lead magnets, email copy, and more.
  • We’re going to teach you the most efficient and effective strategies for getting more traffic and leads, both with organic and paid channels.
  • We’re going to teach you how to price your stuff and sell through copy, messaging, offer development, email, and one-to-one (and rescue products that aren’t selling).
  • We’re going to teach you how to build a cohesive brand and get widespread exposure for that brand.
  • We’re going to teach you how to build a simple, effective offer ladder that maximizes your customer lifetime value, profitability, and impact.
  • We’re going to teach you all the nitty gritty little details like what apps to use, how to get them to talk to each other, how to track conversions, and so on.
  • We’re going to teach you how to create systems that make it easy to scale, including how to build an effective team.
  • And so much more…

And keep in mind, we’re not just teaching you this stuff! We’re looking at your execution and making sure you’re executing effectively. We’re telling you what to change and adjust at every step.

Every day that goes by that you’re not participating in The Hive is another day of leaving a ton of money (and sanity) on the table.

Can I get 1-1 guidance and coaching?

Absolutely. That’s what makes The Hive so valuable. It’s the only membership community in existence that gives you access to high-level, personalized coaching and guidance when you want it.

Do I have to be in the U.S. to join?

Nope, we have members all over the world 🙂 As long as you can speak and interpret English, you’re good to go.

I really struggle with tech stuff. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. Being techy is not required to start, grow, or scale your online business and in this day and age, overcoming tech challenges has never been easier.

Can anyone join?

Anyone can join, but not everyone can stay.

Even though access to the community is free, we have an established culture of excellence that honest, ambitious business owners thrive in. If we decide that someone is not a good fit for the community, we remove them promptly to protect the quality of the community.

How do I access the premium areas and features?

Once you’re inside the community you’ll be able to get an All Access pass to the premium areas and features with just a couple clicks. This is always optional, of course. You can enjoy basic community access for free for as long as you’d like.

free to join • instant access

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