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Full Access to the Freedom Business Hive Community App for Ongoing Guidance, Support, and Accountability $1164/yr Value

Full Access to the Freedom Business Hive 8-Week Blueprint Course $997 Value

Weekly “Hot Seats” with Freedom Business Hive founder, Kevin Michael Geary $500/hr value

Freedom Business Hive Trainings Library w/ Regular Updates & Additions $1997+ Value

Access to My Personal Voxer Account (Private Voice Messaging App) for On-Demand 1-1 Advice & Guidance + Extra Exclusive Hot Seat Calls
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First year Value = $4,158+

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What is Gold Level Access?

As a gold member you get access to my private Voxer account (a private voice messaging app) for on-demand 1-1 advice and guidance and the ability to join exclusive Gold-only hot seat calls. It’s like having me in your back pocket at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fit in? Who is this community for?

The Hive is for online entrepreneurs only (no brick and mortar businesses and no venture-funded startups) and we disallow “wantrepreneurs” (people who don’t take action).

Even though it’s an exclusive community, the group is very diverse with businesses ranging from “preparing to launch” all the way to $50k/mo. There are solopreneurs and businesses with small teams. And our community is international. If you’re serious, committed, and focused, you’ll fit right in.

What kind of online businesses do you work with?

The “best fit” online businesses for The Hive are digital product businesses (online courses, ebooks, affiliate marketing, membership communities, etc.), expert businesses (coaches, consultants, freelancers), software products (SaaS), and “all original” e-commerce businesses (you sell your own products).

You’re NOT a good fit if you’re an Amazon seller, Shopify re-seller, or MLM “network marketer.”

Oh, and if my B.S. detector or scammer alarm goes off at any point, you’ll be immediately booted from the community.

How will The Hive help grow my business?

Aside from the fact that we’ve already talked about the absolute necessity of having access to ongoing guidance, coaching, support, trainings, and feedback, here are some specific examples…

  • We’re going to teach you the most efficient and effective strategies for getting more traffic and leads, both with organic and paid channels.
  • We’re going to teach you how to price your stuff and sell through copy, messaging, offer development, email, and one-to-one (and rescue products that aren’t selling).
  • We’re going to teach you how to build a cohesive brand and get widespread exposure for that brand.
  • We’re going to teach you how to build a simple, effective offer ladder that maximizes your customer lifetime value, profitability, and impact.
  • We’re going to teach you all the nitty gritty little details like what apps to use, how to get them to talk to each other, how to track conversions, and so on.
  • We’re going to teach you how to create systems that make it easy to scale, including how to build an effective team.
  • And so much more…

And keep in mind, we’re not just teaching you this stuff! We’re looking at your execution and making sure you’re executing effectively. We’re telling you what to change and adjust at every step.

There’s literally nothing like this available online at this price point. Every day that goes by that you’re not participating in The Hive is another day of leaving a ton of money (and sanity) on the table.

My business is different from others – how do I know you can actually help me?

Everyone says their business is different. I get why you think that, but the truth is that the fundamentals don’t change.

Sure, there are “shiny objects” and “latest and greatest tactics” that don’t fit well into your strategy, but The Hive isn’t about all that. The Hive is about NAILING THE FUNDAMENTALS and 10xing what’s working.

If you’re not where you want to be, I guarantee you’ve got issues with the fundamentals. Join up and we’ll show you.

I've purchased a lot of courses and they didn't do anything for my business. How is this different?

Great question. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that courses haven’t moved the needle for them (and I’ve experienced the same thing). That’s exactly why I chose not to create courses for online business owners.

Courses are too myopic and too one-size-fits-all. Plus, it’s YOU choosing which courses to invest in and then you start trying to implement stuff that may not be right for your business because you’re too close to the problem and can’t see what’s actually needed.

The Hive is a completely different experience. You get expert guidance, support, and mentoring for your specific business. The only time you spend doing trainings or executing is after one or more people in the community have confirmed that it’s a good idea for your business.

The Hive gives you tremendous confidence and clarity to execute in the most efficient and effective manner possible so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy on stuff that will never work.

What is the MINIMUM I need to be eligible for membership?

Assuming you’re a good person and a serious online entrepreneur, the minimum requirement to join is a solid idea or a solid niche/audience that you want to serve. We’ll make sure you get started the right way so you can validate your idea, avoid all the common pitfalls, and get successfully established as quickly as possible.

Are there other membership communities like this?

There are other membership communities for business owners, but none like this. Here are five reasons why The Hive is the #1 choice for so many online entrepreneurs…

  1. Where other communities allow all types of entrepeneurs, The Hive is exclusive to online entrepreneurs and online marketing and business strategies & tactics (with zero tolerance for sleeze or slime).
  2. Where other communities are primarily focused on access to trainings and peer-to-peer support, The Hive has a clear expert leader (Kevin) who you get to work with every single day and we place a heavy focus on giving you personalized guidance and support. For us, the trainings and peer-to-peer support are great, but secondary. It’s the personalized expert guidance that’s super valuable and that you can’t really find anywhere else.
  3. Where other communities only provide trainings and peer-to-peer support and MAYBE a giant group call once a month where you mostly listen, The Hive provides multiple opportunities each week to participate in small group hot seat “Power Hour” calls with Kevin so you can get dynamic one-on-one help with your specific business.
  4. Where other communities use terrible forums, Facebook groups, or members areas, The Hive’s app is beautiful, it keeps you logged in, it notifies you of new activity, and it puts everything in one place – the trainings, the discussion area, groups, chat, events, etc.
  5. Where other communities are either cheap and full of all sorts of riff raff or super high ticket and exclusive, The Hive offers everything you need at an affordable (but not cheap) price point. The value, the quality of the members, and the quality of the experience is a direct reflection of the investment. If you want cheap, go somewhere else. If you want the real deal without breaking the bank, join The Hive.

Hope that helps!

Can I switch between the Standard level and Gold level at any time?

You can upgrade to the Gold level at any time, but you must be prepared to commit to at least 60 days. After 60 days you can downgrade at any time if desired.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds. You can do the trial at no risk to you and with no obligation to continue. Once you make your first payment, it’s in the books. You can cancel any time, but no payments collected will be refunded at any point. We pour our heart and soul into this community and provide extreme value for the investment. Nobody has ever even hinted at wanting a refund, so if you’re the refund-seeking type take note of this policy (and maybe it’s best you don’t join in the first place).

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