30-Day List Growth Game Plan

A Step-By-Step, No-Guesswork Action Plan for Adding a Steady Stream of Highly-Engaged Subscribers to Your Email List

Email Marketing is the King of the Marketing Kingdom With a 4400% ROI – Generating an Average of $44 in Revenue for every $1 Spent.

The days of “location, location, location” have been replaced with, “build your list, build your list, build your list” – especially for online businesses. Not only is email marketing the top performing marketing channel for collecting leads and driving sales, but it’s a tangible asset that you own 100% (unlike social media channels, which can disappear overnight). The success of your online business, coaching practice, consulting agency, or online training platform hinges on your ability to add a steady stream of targeted subscribers to your email list every single day. I’m not talking about a trickle – anyone can add a few subscribers a day. I’m talking about adding 25-75 targeted email subscribers to your list every single day. When you join my 30-Day List Growth Game Plan, I’m going to send you one lesson and action step per weekday for 30 days to turn your website, social network, and professional network into magnets for email list growth.

Learn How to Build Your List the Right Way – By *Only* Adding Subscribers That Want What You Sell & Are Ripe to Buy.

I cringe when I see people do “list building challenges” where they’re instructed to do a bunch of amateur hour list building tactics. They end up adding hundreds or even thousands of unengaged, non-targeted, freebie-seeking subscribers that are NEVER going to buy from them. Following bad advice like that can put you in a huge hole. Not only will you pay much more to host your list, but you won’t know the good apples from the bad. Your open rates will vanish, engagement will plummet, and sales will be nonexistent. You’ll have a big list and an empty fist. The opposite is going to happen when you implement the 30-Day List Growth Game Plan. The strategies and tactics are designed specifically to make sure you’re only adding subscribers that want what you sell and are ripe to buy. It’s slower, steadier growth, but it’s growth that’s highly profitable – to the tune of $1 per subscriber in monthly revenue. Yep, you heard me right. A 5,000 subscriber list can generate a minimum of $5000/mo in revenue when it’s built the right way. High profitability, high open rates, and high engagement. That’s the kind of list I’m going to show you how to build with my 30-Day List Growth Game Plan. 

Do These 5 “List Building Blocks” Sound Familiar?

Reason #1: I'm Overwhelmed!
When it comes to list building, there can be a lot to think about: lead magnets, content upgrades, pop-ups, slide-ins, code, email service providers, software integrations, and the list goes on. I get it, but I’m going to be real with you for a minute – those aren’t reasons to abandon your list building efforts, they’re reasons to get yourself a step-by-step game plan and guidance. We’re talking about the #1 marketing and sales asset that can make or break your company’s success here. It’s something that needs to happen. If you’re a real entrepreneur – and not a wantrepreneur – then I know you’re tenacious and intelligent enough to understand that excuses aren’t going to pay the bills. Maybe excuses have gotten the best of you up to this point. Maybe you’re dejected, feeling like you’re behind in the list building department. Perfect. Use that as fuel to get your butt in gear. Channel your tenacity and let’s get this list building thing under your confident command. Enroll Now
Reason #2: the techy stuff confuses me!
No problem – you’re in good hands. I’m a tech wizard (this won’t be the blind leading the blind), but I also have parents that are tragically tech illiterate. I have years of experience explaining things in non-geek-speak. I’m also not going to steer you toward a bunch of complicated software. The tools that I’ve built this course around are inexpensive and easy to use. Even though I love tech, I’m only a fan of tech that makes life simpler and easier. I hate getting lost in tech hell just as much as you do! Enroll Now
Reason #3: I don't want to spend money on ads!
I’ll say two things about this… (1) You eventually need to get over your aversion to paid advertising. It’s a fantastic way to scale your business. But… (2) You don’t have to get over that aversion just yet. You can do my 30-Day List Growth Game Plan without ANY paid advertising. In fact, I built my first email list from zero to 10,000 targeted subscribers without spending a dime on advertising. Paid ads are only mentioned in 1 out of 25 modules in this course and are not required by any means. You can do the 30-Day List Growht Game Plan completely ad-free! Enroll Now
Reason #4: I've got business development a.d.d.!
There’s so much to do in business that it’s very easy to get distracted and very tough to keep yourself on track. Do you spend your time building your social media platforms? Which one? Create videos? Write articles? Do SEO research? Record a podcast? Be a guest on a podcast? Design a new landing page? Work on your online course? Launch a new product? Focus on building my email list? I totally know what you’re feeling. Here’s how you fix that: you figure out what tasks have the highest profitability and you prioritize those. In other words, you prioritize building your email list because there is no marketing channel or asset that will do more for increasing the profitabaility of your business. Use the 30-day List Growth Game Plan to get hyper-focused on building your list for the next 30 days. Then you can jump to those other, less-profitable activities. Enroll Now
Reason #5: I don't have anything to sell yet!
Two things about this… (1) Everyone has something to sell. You may not have a product of your own, but there are high-quiality products you can stand behind and sign up to be an affiliate for. There are people generating six-figures in revenue every year just from selling other people’s products as an affiliate. In fact, it’s often easier to sell products that aren’t yours – you just have to recommend them and tell people why you love them. (2) Even if you don’t have anything to sell, you need a list. You need to start attracting your target market and engaging them by email. This is how you’re going to come up with ideas for products or things to promote. And once your idea is ready, you’ll already have a list of rabid fans to sell it to. Enroll Now

Your Email List is the Gateway to the Land of Business Development Opportunity…

Many people don’t realize just how important an email list is outside of sending emails that nurture prospects and sell products. Having a large, highly-engaged list gives you the following opportunities…
Use surveys and segmentation to learn intimate details about your target market.
Partner with influencers and leverage their audience to scale your business (influencers only want to partner with people who have a large list).
Easily land public speaking and online summit gigs (organizers of these events love speakers who have a big list – some won’t even talk to you if you don’t have at least 10,000 subscribers).
Attract top-tier affiliate partners who will pay you huge commissions for promoting their products to your list.
Validate product ideas and even get paid to create products for your audience by using your list to pre-sell and participate in beta launches.
If you have a podcast, YouTube channel, etc. – attract higher quality guests and content partners (because they know you have a huge list and greater exposure potential).
If you’re an author or aspire to be an author – having a large email list is now a requirement for landing book deals and its a *mission critical* asset for self-published authors.
All of that is available to you when you buckle down and get serious about your email list growth.

Ready to Supercharge Your List Growth?

Access my entire 30-day List Growth Game Plan course forever for one low payment.
30-Day 100% Guarantee. All The Risk is On Me.
You get full access to this course for 30 days to verify that it’s exactly what I say it is. If for any reason you don’t think this course is a good fit for you, let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund 100% of your payment. I’m confident in my course and to this date I have not been asked to issue a single refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if this email list growth course is right for you? Here’s the scoop…

What if I don't have an email list yet?

No problem, there’s a set of prep modules that show you how to get your email list setup quickly and properly.

What if I'm not techy?

Anything in this course that requires some technical ability includes a complete tutorial walkthrough so that even non-techy people can take action and get results. There’s no coding involved and I’ve taken every step possible to make sure that the action items are possible without help from a developer or any other third party.

Is this course super basic? I already have *decent* list growth.

There’s a strong mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies in this course. People of all list building experience levels are going to find tremendous value in doing this challenge. I’ve even included some secret sauce modules that I haven’t seen anyone else online teach.

What if I don't have a website yet?

While it’s possible to build your email list without a website, a lot of the strategies and tactics in this course will be centered around having a website of your own.

How much time will this take per day?

I’ve designed each lesson to require no more than 20-30 minutes each day. This course is doable even for busy entrepreneurs. And really, the bottom line is that you can’t afford to *not* do it. If you have a product to sell or promote, this course is going to put a lot more money in your bank account – not just subscribers on your list.

How many new subscribers will I be able to add to my list?

There’s no way to predict this since everyone is going to invest a different amount of time into the course and has a different target market. The bottom line is that you will see significant list growth by the end of this course and they’ll be quality subscribers.

Meet Your Instructor

Kevin is the founder of Six-Figure Grind, an online business and digital marketing blog where he teaches men and women how to build and grow a six-figure online lifestyle business. He’s also the host of the Six-Figure Grind Podcast, a weekly online business and digital marketing podcast. Kevin has been building, growing, and running online businesses for over 15 years. He lives in Atlanta and has been supporting his family of five solely from his online businesses since 2013.
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