Kevin Michael Geary

Media Appearances

My mission is to inspire people from all walks of life to build an online lifestyle business to escape the rat race, make an impact, and live life without limitations.

09 • 13 • 2018

Liberty Entrepreneurs

“Why you need a Digital Lifestyle Business NOW!”

Kevin and Ashe discuss why building and owning a “digital lifestyle business” is the key to financial freedom and a flexible lifestyle.  


09 • 10 • 2018

school sucks project

“The Ultimate Freedom”

Discussed: being an entrepreneur is too risky?; why Kevin says everyone is an entrepreneur; calculating the worth of your time; why do people believe so firmly in the time-for-money exchange?; the frequent mindset obstacles Kevin encounters with clients; why you should do things that intimidate you; managing emotional baggage; Kevin and Brett talk about Brett’s challenges with School Sucks.


08 • 02 • 2018

market your business like a pro

“Top Content Marketing Mistakes”

Kevin talks about the top content marketing mistakes people are making and how to fix them so you can actually get ranked and drive organic traffic.


05 • 02 • 2018

Small Scale Life

“How to Start a Lifestyle Business”

Kevin talks about how to start a lifestyle business while charting your own destiny from almost anywhere on this planet.


03 • 27 • 2018

your online genius

“Building a Website That Converts”

Kevin gives a crash course on what common (and costly!) mistakes to avoid when building your website and how to effectively generate leads online.


12 • 26 • 2017

The Nathan Fraser Show

Kevin talks about why you should build a business rather than a job; why saving time is more important than saving money; what tools and software out there are making life easier for entrepreneurs; and the must-have personality traits you need to have if you want to succeed.


09 • 03 • 2017


“Freedom Through a Lifestyle Business”

Kevin discusses the major hang-ups beginners have in online business building, fixes to those problems, the importance of email marketing, and much, much more.