To be perfectly clear, the plan I'm going to recommend is a one page business plan for building a successful online lifestyle business.

It's not for brick and mortar businesses, startups trying to secure funding, etc.

If you're wanting to build a successful online lifestyle business, though, it's the best one page business plan in existence.

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Why Most Business Plans Suck

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In the old days, business plans were mostly good for two things: getting money or running terrible corporate exercises.

On the money side of things, you had to have a detailed plan that bankers and investors could use to understand everything you wanted to do with the business.

On the corporate side of things, well, never mind. Corporations do lots of boring and useless things.

Entrepreneurs Just Bullshit Their Way Through It

The way these money-hungry business plans were drawn up was pretty simple. An entrepreneur would download a business plan template and fill it out.

The plans were, and still are, notoriously complicated and convoluted. They focus on lots of useless areas and request information that can't possibly be known or calculated.

For example, "milestones" and "metrics" are often seen on business plans. The plan wants you to list the milestones you plan on hitting and the metrics you're going to track.

Here's the problem with that: any successful entrepreneur who has ever stepped foot in the marketplace knows that your "plan" can go in the garbage nearly out of the gate.

You "plan" one thing and then realize the market behaves differently than you expected or needs something you didn't plan on them needing. A pivot is required.

In terms of metrics – you can't possibly know what's super important to track to make the business successful until the business has been running and encountering real buyers.

These are examples of areas that shouldn't even be on a business plan. They're not important in the planning stage – they're something that needs the attention of the CEO actively as the business makes its moves.

Then it goes into areas like Net Profit by Month and Net Profit by Year. This shit is pure fantasy land.

Do you want to know what entrepreneurs aren't doing while they're staying busy fudging these numbers? Planning around shit that actually matters.

There's No Education or Guidance

You can give the same business plan template to five different entrepreneurs who are all instructed to fill it out based on the same core business idea and you'll get five completely different plans.

Many entrepreneurs are failed entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are first-time entrepreneurs. You can't just follow a template and think you're going to come up with a sound plan.

If you want a good plan that's actually meaningful and constructed based on sound principles then you need to know what you're doing. You need education and guidance.

And you need guidance beyond just explaining terms and why they're important. You need to have core principles broken down for you and explained in a practical way. You need to see examples. You need to see sample plans.

That's why I don't just give people my 1-Page Freedom Plan and tell them "Good luck!" No, no. I invite them to watch a free recording of my Freedom Plan Master Class where I go line by line teaching the ins and outs of a successful business.

Hint: It has nothing to do with metrics, analytics, milestones, equipment, expenses, or any of that bullshit. I teach to the heart of what makes a business win or lose.

Is a One Page Business Plan Even Possible?

business owner with one page business plan on clipboard

Most business plans and business plan templates I've seen are 12+ pages so the idea of creating an effective one page business plan seemed daunting at first.

There's some important considerations here, though:

  1. We can automatically throw out at a lot of what a traditional business plan asks for.
  2. Traditional business plans have no care for simplicity. They're complicated for the sake of being complicated.
  3. Business planning isn't difficult when you know the most important factors to focus on.
  4. Plans that focus on things that aren't important create obstacles to a business' success – a plan's quality shouldn't be measured by its length.
  5. Trying to crystal ball a lot of what traditional business plans ask for isn't "planning," it's guessing.

Once I sat down and started to map out the essentials, I realized that a one page business plan was not only possible, but the absolute best way to craft a business plan.

Again, this probably won't serve a brick and mortar business or a funded startup completely but it's magic for online lifestyle businesses, which is specifically what I help people build and grow.

Why a Simple Business Plan (Short / 1-Page) is the Best Business Plan

simple business plan represented by Xs and Os like a game plan

A business plan should be something that you keep your eye on as your company maneuvers its way through the market and works to position itself.

Unfortunately, most business plans seem to be done for the sake of exercise and not utility. Once they're done they get stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

I don't blame people. Who the hell wants to thumb through 15 pages of bullshit every month?

In contrast, my one page business plan can be printed out, framed, and put on the wall. At a single glance, you or your team can be "brought back to center" with regard to the plan. Everyone is on the same page – there's no confusion or misunderstanding about what's important.

In effect, it does what a plan should do. It drives the organization forward.

The Best One Page Business Plan Template: The 1-Page Freedom Plan (Yes, It's Free)

1-page freedom plan - one page business plan template

Once you use this 1-Page Freedom Plan, you'll never even consider looking another business plan again.

The 1-Page Freedom Plan solves all these problems...

What's my Big Idea & will it work?
If you don’t have a Big Idea yet, this will help you nail one down. If you have a Big Idea and you’re not sure if it’ll work, the 1-Page Freedom Plan will help you validate it.

How will I stand out and get noticed?
You can’t start a business that’s like everyone else’s business and expect to be successful. The 1-Page Freedom Plan helps you figure out your special sauce.

How will I convert leads into sales?
Once you get traffic coming in, you need to know exactly how you’re going to convert that traffic into leads and sales without overcomplicating the process.

How will I make money?
Ideas are a dime a dozen. If you want to build a successful online lifestyle business then you need a clear path to revenue and profitability via an offer that makes your market salivate.

Where will I get traffic?
People aren’t going to start showing up just because you built something and patted yourself on the back. You need a crystal clear traffic generation strategy.

How can I find success faster?
If building a successful business was an overnight thing, everyone would do it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can accelerate your success, though.

And so much more...

Plus, I'm not just going to throw this business plan at you and say, "Good luck!' That's where the Freedom Plan Master Class comes in...

Don't Miss the Freedom Plan Master Class – A Complete Instructional for the 1-Page Freedom Plan

This One Page Business Plan Template is Invaluable 1

Yep, there's a free class that goes along with the 1-Page Freedom Plan and it's all FREE.

In the Freedom Plan Master Class I walk you line by line through the 1-Page Freedom Plan, explaining all the context and background that you need to know to develop a successful business plan on one page of paper.

By the end of this class you're going to have the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to get your business – and your gifts – out into the world.

I even show you a sample one page business plan that models what I'm doing here at Six-Figure Grind.


If you want to build a profitable online lifestyle business so you can escape the rat race and live life without limitations...

If you want to completely earn your living online, effectively making you location independent and schedule independent...

And if you want to do all that while making an impact and finally doing something you’re passionate about... need the 1-Page Freedom Plan – a one-page business plan for lifestyle entrepreneurs that blows traditional business plans out of the water.

Download it today (it's free) and then get signed up for my Freedom Plan Master Class (also free). You're about to get an education in business and marketing that most people pay thousands for.