The site will be found at once the rebrand is complete.

On March 16th 2019, without warning or reason, Facebook blacklisted my domain,

They didn’t ban, suspend, or block my account. There wasn’t anything I did wrong. Instead, their algorithm decided that my website domain was not suitable for their platform.

My account still has full functionality, but nobody can share or mention on any part of the Facebook platform. Not in posts, not in ads, and not even in Messenger.

Facebook still haven’t given a clear answer for why this happened (I’ve gotten plenty of copy/paste responses, though), but many people suspect it simply has to do with the phrase “six-figure.”

This kind of indiscriminate blacklisting is atrociously bad practice. While it might help Facebook round up some spammers and scammers, it undoubtedly harms people like me who have invested tremendous time and energy into serving people with the highest quality education and mentoring from day one.

Instead of spending this week launching my brand new course, Confident Blogger, I’m spending it rebranding – picking up the digital pieces of an online identity destroyed by Facebook’s blindfolded atomic bomb.

While I don’t need Facebook’s organic social reach to grow my business, I do need access to their ads platform.

Thankfully, the SEO and blogging work I’ve done brings steady organic traffic to the site as does my rapidly growing podcast, but even that is in danger as Google rankings aren’t guaranteed to carry over to a new domain – at least not 100% of them.

Facebook also can’t take my email list away from me, which is one reason I talk so much about email marketing.

Alas, with an inability to use the Facebook ads system and an inability for people to share my work or even mention my site on the largest social platform in existence, there doesn’t seem to be any other option besides rebranding.

A Blessing in Disguise?

A day after Facebook dropped the hammer on Six-Figure Grind, I sent an email to my list telling them what happened and confessed that I was never 100% sold on the name to begin with.

If I’m being as objective as possible, the name had some clear problems.

For one, the word “grind.”

The willingness to grind is important, but nobody really *wants* to grind. Naming a business after something people don’t really want to do isn’t the best idea.

It was never really intended to celebrate “the grind.” To the contrary, I teach people how to build lifestyle businesses aka freedom businesses.

I have the parable of the Mexican Fisherman on my Start Here page.

None of this is about grinding. It’s about building an online business that serves you as much as you serve it, achieving the ultimate freedom in life, and making a positive impact in the world.

That word had to go, eventually.

Also, the term “six-figure” is overused. Some say it’s corny now. Some say it’s spammy/scammy (which is likely why Facebook did their blanket blacklisting).

It was also limiting. What about the people who want to scale bigger? You can do 7 figures online and still have all the balance and freedom you want in life, but the name didn’t support that.

And Then There Was the Feedback…

That email I sent letting my audience know what happened was also a feedback request. I wanted to know what they thought of the old name and the new proposed name.

There were a few people who didn’t like the new name all that much, but overall, the support for it was overwhelming. Many people even said they “LOVED” it (always a good sign).

At the same time, a lot of people said they didn’t really like the old name (some of the reasons mirrored what I already told you).

The really telling part came from the people who said, “I actually considered not engaging with your site when I first heard about you because of the name. I gave you a chance and ultimately stuck around because of the quality of what you provide and your personality.”

A few of them said, “The only reason I even gave you a chance is because someone referred me to you and I trusted their judgement.”


See, brand names to me are what you make them. After all, what’s “Apple” have to do with computers? What’s a “Google?” Sony? Ikea? Xerox?

What should really be considered is, “does this name harm the business’ ability to attract an audience and grow?” And it’s clear to me that Six-Figure Grind *was* harming things to some degree (but this is also a lesson in how things don’t have to be perfect to work).

Another consideration is specificity. When brands/domains get too specific, they sound way too generic and dry to me. Like, “” or something. No thanks.

So, out with the old and in with the new, my friend.

Do You Have Digital Ambition?

I actually went through a rebranding exercise 6-9 months ago because of the issues I considered with the name, Six-Figure Grind.

I spent hours considering hundreds of different ideas. A lot of that work helped me move quickly when things went south with Facebook.

It’s not just about name ideas, it’s about what’s available (what the asshole squatters haven’t grabbed, really). It’s about how long the name is and how long the domain name will be. It’s about how easy things are to spell and say.

Were there ideas I loved better than Digital Ambition? Absolutely, but they weren’t viable for one reason or another.

At the end of the day, I have to take my own advice. If you haven’t heard me say it before, you’ll hear me say it now: money likes speed.

Perfect doesn’t exist and the pursuit of it is expensive AF.

A thing happened and I have to move forward. The sooner I move on, the sooner we can establish a new normal, restore the positive growth curve, and get back to making a massive impact in people’s lives by helping them achieve the ultimate freedom in life through online business.

That’s what Digital Ambition looks like, by the way – the burning desire and determination to fulfill a purpose and achieve success online (however you want to define that success).

If you have Digital Ambition, my friend, you’re already home.


If you’re one of the awesome people who read to the end, please drop a comment below. Your words of encouragement and support will help me power through this rebranding and come out the other side fired up.

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