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Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Kevin Michael Geary – Founder of DigitalAmbition.co and host of the Digital Ambition Podcast.

In 2012 I was broke, working a soul-sucking job that I desperately wanted to escape, and had recently became a father to a beautiful little girl.

I started an online business with the hope of being able to escape that situation, but with very little confidence that it would actually happen. In fact, I had so little confidence that I set my first revenue goal at just $30/mo.

Why $30/mo? Because my wife asked to enroll our daughter in a Gymboree class that was $30/mo and I had to tell her, “No, we can’t afford that.”

Having to say “No” to my wife and daughter for a tiny little $30/mo thing was a huge wake up call that lit a monstrous fire under me and that’s when the full scope of my entrepreneurial spirit was finally unleashed.

In 2013, just months after launching my online business, I was able to send my daughter to that Gymboree class.

And then, in August of 2013, I quit my job.

By the end of 2014 I was making more than I had ever made in my entire life and since then I’ve built three successful businesses in 3 separate niches.

I built DigitalAmbition.co to help other owners and entrepreneurs – both beginners and established alike – scale their income, impact, and freedom using the power of online marketing and authentic business strategies.

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