People are doing business and going to work like it’s still 2004.

I have a conversation with a new person nearly every single day where I feel prompted to say that.

Sometimes it’s a business owner or executive telling me about how they’re growth is slumping or how they’re struggling to get a new product or service into the hands of their ideal customers.

Are they truly leveraging digital yet? Nope.

Sometimes it’s an employee telling me how they’re struggling to move up in their company or convince their boss to give them a raise.

Are they leveraging digital to bring massive value to the company they work for yet? Nope.

Often it’s a freelancer telling me how they’re still living paycheck to paycheck and starving for work.

Are they truly leveraging digital yet? Nope.

Let this be your wakeup call. It’s the new ’20s – you can’t afford to be ignorant of the the digital landscape.

There’s truly something crazy about saying “the ’20s” and “digital” in the same sentence, but this is legit where we’re at.

There are companies doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales online.

There are regular people just like you and me making hundreds of thousands and even into the tens of millions of dollars, all online.

Also, right as the new ’20s started, the world was shut down by a virus. At that point, the fragility and inefficiency of the traditional work model was revealed to every single person living in a developed country.

Life is different and it’s going to continue to feel very different. The only constant is change.

What we must recognize is that we have an unprecedented opportunity to build amazing things, make a real impact, and earn so much more in the process.

And with that opportunity comes another unprecedented opportunity … the ability to work from anywhere in the world at any time.

So … why are so many people and so many businesses not taking the necessary action to capitalize on these opportunities?

There’s a very real gap – the people who cross it win big and the people who don’t are left behind.

People know how powerful the internet is. They know people and businesses who are taking full advantage of it every day.

The problem is, they don’t personally know how to turn keyboard and mouse clicks into customers. Not for themselves, not for the company they work for, and not for the business they own and operate.

That’s the gap…

“I’m here. I want to be over there. I have no idea how to get there.” is your bridge.

If you’re a business owner, executive, employee, or freelancer who sees the value in digital and/or needs to succeed with digital in order to surive and thrive, you’re in the perfect place.

I’ll map out the digital strategies for you.

I’ll help you navigate the tools and tech.

And I’ll personally guide you when you need help.


Then let’s get to work doing business online…