OxyNinja is a staple plugin in my default WordPress / Oxygen installs. It's a three-in-one add-on for Oxygen Builder:

  1. A library of pre-done layouts, headers, footers, and other helpful elements.
  2. Add-on modules and functionality (like a Carousel Builder, Copy & Paste Styles, etc.)
  3. A full-blown utility class system including powerful utility classes for CSS Grid.

While the library of layouts is great, the real power of OxyNinja is found in the utility class framework. This is especially helpful for freelancers and agencies who want to achieve maximum workflow and design consistency across many sites.

OxyNinja is a no-brainer add-on for Oxygen Builder when you factor in the tremendous amount of time it will save you when building sites and editing existing sites. The consistency you'll achieve adds a significant amount of value as well.