There's no shortage of Wordpress form plugins and one big challenge is that each plugin seems to do something really great, while making many other things quite frustrating.

WS Form is the official Wordpress form plugin recommendation of precisely because I've yet to run into a use-case where WS Form doesn't shine (unlike other plugins that all seem to be missing something).

I initially gave WS Form a shot because they're one of the only form plugins that has enterprise integrations such as Salesforce and Hubspot. Working with large clients through my digital agency, there's often a need to integrate with these larger platforms and WS Form got the job done.

After using WS Form for a while, I quickly realized that we needed to bump it into our official plugin stack for client sites. Whether you're working on a small site or large site, you can be confident that WS Form is going to have all the features you need inside a very user friendly form building environment.