UPDATE: This post was updated with the release of Convertbox 2.0. This was a major update to the entire Convertbox platform so I recorded a brand new walkthrough video and updated some of the post and review details. The best opt-in software on the planet just got even better!

First things first, let's talk about why you might almost certainly need special lead generation / opt-in software ConvertBox in the first place.

I personally use Drip as my email marketing provider. While they offer the ability to create forms for collecting opt-ins, the feature set is severely limited (to say the least).

It's so bad that I don't use a single opt-in form created through Drip. I bypass that part of the system altogether.

I've been with Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and more and I've run into the same problem with every system.

If you want to do anything other than the basics with these platforms, you're up a creek without a paddle.

This makes perfect sense, actually. Email marketing software typically focuses on the ins and outs of email broadcasts, automations, tagging, sequencing, deliverability, and so on. They're not really in the business of advanced lead generation & lead capture (though they should be and one day will be, I'm sure).

This is exactly why "opt-in bridges" like ConvertBox exist. People noticed that the form builders inside of the various email marketing platforms were significantly underwhelming and decided to create specialized software dedicated to the lead capture side of online marketing.

If you're not sure what I mean when I talk about going beyond the basics of lead capture, don't worry, I'm going to lay it all out for you (you'll probably even pick up some new strategies to test). And yes, this goes *way* beyond making forms look a certain way.


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ConvertBox is Was the New Kid on the Block.

There's two BIG THINGS that turn me off about all the other opt-in software platforms I've used.

  1. They take FOREVER to build and deploy the kind of opt-ins I want. Time is money – I can't be screwing around in inefficient software.
  2. They lack one of the most important features – intelligent segmentation. To run a successful online business in 2019+, you NEED the ability to segment your subscribers properly at the point of opt-in and you need the ability to direct visitors to the right content on your site.

Convertbox EXCELS in both these areas. The usability / user experience is unmatched and only got even better with the release of Convertbox 2.0.

And segmentation? It's there, it's simple, and it's powerful!

The segmentation isn't completely where I want it to be yet, but I've talked to Dean, the founder of Convertbox, and he's on exactly the same page as me and has amazing new segmentation features – like dynamic lead enrichment – prioritized on the roadmap.

ConvertBox is the no longer the new kid on the block. Convertkit is the king of the block.

Convertbox 2.0 – Insider Look & Full Real World Tutorial

Want to just see Convertbox 2.0 in action? Then watch over my shoulder as I build a real world opt-in segmentation flow for Digital Gravy, my digital advertising agency...

The Specifics: What Does ConvertBox 2.0 Do that Most Other Platforms Don't?

Alright, you're probably dying for specifics so let's get to them.

Deep Integration with Your Email Marketing Software

convertbox deep integration feature with drip and other email marketing platforms

The entire point of using a robust email marketing solution is to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Unfortunately, as soon as your subscriber leaves an email and lands on your website you completely lose control with most systems because there's no real integration between your site and your email marketing database.

Until now.

By using ConvertBox to control your opt-ins, offers, and on-site messaging you can create the deepest integration possible.

When setting up a ConvertBox you can easily ask ConvertBox to check your email marketing software (assuming you're using one of the numerous popular email marketing systems) for subscriber data and then show messages and offers based on data you already have about a contact (yep, ConvertBox is much more than just opt-in software).

With ConvertBox you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time inside of emails *and* on your website.

Lead Segmentation

convertbox lead segmentation feature

This is the biggest difference by far and the most important difference.

This one feature alone will skyrocket your email marketing conversion rates and is necessary for having a healthy, engaged, and highly profitable email list.

Audience segmentation is a core marketing strategy, which is why it's always miffed me that email marketing systems and opt-in solutions like OptinMonster have never paid any real attention to it in terms of collecting new leads.

Let's use me as an example. When a visitor comes to my site, I want to know which of two categories they fit into (these categories align with their journey in online business):

  • "I haven't started an online business yet."
  • "I have an online business and want to scale."

You need different advice and different resources based on where you are in the journey and in order to deliver exactly what you need I need to know where you're at.

Make sense?

"Send the right message to the right people at the right time," remember?

These other software platforms have been around forever and they still haven't figured out the immense importance of collecting segmentation data at the point of opt-in!

ConvertBox emerges on the scene and it's one of the first features they prioritize. That tells me everything I need to know. And now Dean, the founder, has confirmed that they're going to be doing even deeper segmentation via "lead enrichment" features.

It's gonna be lights out!

Triggering a Convertbox on an External Link

convertbox external link trigger feature

From ConvertBox...

Do you share content or promotions with your audience? ConvertBox lets you easily add a call-to-action on any link you share to drive traffic, build lists, promote products and much more!

Yep, that's right. You can collect email leads on other people's websites when you're redirecting traffic.


Four Specific Modal Triggers

convertbox trigger features

ConvertBox has four specific ways to trigger or hide an opt-in, message, or offer that most other software platforms don't not have.

  1. Autoresponder Tag/List – The ability to trigger or hide a specific ConvertBox based on tags and list segmentation inside your email marketing software.
  2. UTM Keywords – The ability to trigger or hide a specific ConvertBox based on UTM codes in the URL (these are tracking codes you can easily add to any URL – usually used for Google Analytics).
  3. ConvertBox Activity – The ability to trigger or hide a specific ConvertBox based on how a user has interacted with other ConvertBox campaigns.
  4. Goal Achieved – Every "campaign" (a group of ConvertBoxes) can have a goal and you can trigger or hide opt-ins based on whether or not a visitor has achieved a goal.

#1 alone is worth the switch if you're using something else, IMO. This level of integration with your email marketing responder is critical.

Multiple Integrations of the Same Type

Last but not least (this is another big one for some people, actually), ConvertBox brilliantly gives you the option of installing the same integration type more than once.

For example, I can integrate multiple Drip accounts or multiple Convertkit accounts.

Why is this important? Because some of us manage multiple brands.

If you manage more than one website then it's plausible (read: likely) that you also operate more than one email marketing account. For example, you might have a separate Convertkit account for each website.

With other platforms, you're shit out of luck in this regard. They allow you to manage multiple websites but only allow for one integration of each type (makes zero sense, y'all!).

ConvertBox doesn't have these nonsensical limitations. Integrate to your heart's desire!

What Else Does ConvertBox 2.0 Do Better Than Other Platforms?

Additional functionality is not where the differences between ConvertBox 2.0 and "the others" end.

Even when it comes to identical functionality, ConvertBox does everything better. And by "better" I mostly mean "simpler and faster."

For example...

Setting Up Timer Campaigns is Faster & Easier

convertbox countdown timer feature

Want to add a timer campaign to your ConvertBox? You'll have one completely setup and running in just a few clicks.

In other platforms there are more buttons to click and more decisions to make and the end result isn't any better than with ConvertBox. And that's even IF they allow you to insert timers at all.

Site Management is Easier & More Robust

convertbox website management feature

If you want to manage opt-ins, on-site messages, and offers on multiple websites (as I do), you need a system that:

  1. Allows you to manage multiple sites in the first place.
  2. Allows you to quickly switch between sites.

ConvertBox allows you to install and manage up to 50 sites with their current lifetime agency license (only $95 more than the regular lifetime license).

Other sites have strict limitations on how many sites you can manage. And get this: if you were to try and match ConvertBox's site management features with a platform like OptinMonster, you'd have to pay for the $999/mo OptinMonster plan. Absurd!

ConvertBox is also cleaner and simpler in this area. When you choose a site to manage, you only see the opt-ins from that site. Many other platforms are disorganized when it comes to multi-site maintenance.

In ConvertBox, you can also move a ConvertBox from one site to another if you'd like. Pretty cool.

All the Little Stuff is Way Faster & Simpler

What kind of stuff?

  • Adding and editing fields to a ConvertBox.
  • Completely customizing your Convertbox look and feel (new in 2.0).
  • Integrating each ConvertBox with your email marketing software and setting up tagging and sequencing.
  • Personalizing your Convertbox (add subscriber data!)
  • Triggering a ConvertBox from a link (just link to a hash code with any URL! It's sick!)
  • Setting display rules and targeting.

I've also clocked myself when making opt-in forms in Convertbox versus other systems and I can make a new opt-in box in ConvertBox in about 1/3 the time.

How Can I Get ConvertBox 2.0?

As I mentioned, ConvertBox is currently only available through a private pilot program. This is good because having too many users at this stage of the game would clog up their support team and overload their system when what they really need to be focusing on is development and product quality.

The private pilot program is very simple – the only way you can sign up is through another ConvertBox user (like me). By limiting signups in this way, they can better control the influx of new customers.

The benefit to you is that you get to take advantage of a sweet lifetime license deal. Soon, they'll release ConvertBox to the general public on a monthly fee. If you get the lifetime license now, you'll never pay the monthly fee.

Simple as that.

Click here to get your ConvertBox lifetime license.

(Get it before they switch to monthly pricing or you're going to hate yourself).

Was This Helpful?

Hopefully this breakdown was helpful for you in making your decision.

If there's anything I didn't cover that you need to know, drop a comment. I'll be responding to each and every question – I can even do screencasts to show you how ConvertBox can accomplish what you're hoping to accomplish.