When I first heard about Custom Post Types (long ago, now – I've been using WordPress since 2005 and CPTs were introduced in 2010) I couldn't really comprehend a use case for them. But once I wrapped my head around them and slowly started using them here and there, it unlocked a world of potential.

For those of you who still aren't sure what the potential of Custom Post Types is, this video will open your eyes and help you understand exactly where to start (and why).

I use CPTs on nearly every site I create because they're invaluable. Why?

Why to Use Custom Post Types

  1. CPTs make data easier to query.
  2. CPTs make data categorizable (with one or multiple taxonomies).
  3. CPTs make it easier to attach custom fields.
  4. CPTs keep the dashboard cleaner & more organized.
  5. CPTs make it easier to create & query relationships.
  6. CPTs make it easier to template specific types of content.

Top 10 Uses for Custom Post Types

  1. Services
  2. Products
  3. Reviews & Testimonials
  4. Team Members
  5. Locations
  6. Service Areas
  7. FAQs
  8. Freebies
  9. Courses & Trainings
  10. Events

Questions? Drop a comment below. I respond to all thoughtful comments!

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