Listen, it's it's 2017. You can't keep rocking the same email list with the same boring welcome sequence.

Today. I'm going to show you what you need to do with every single new email subscriber that you get.

The first question is, "What should I send a new subscriber?"

Well, first, you need something automated. Not automating this a mistake that a lot of online businesses are still making.

They think, "I'm just going to put people on my newsletter and then I'm going to send them a bunch of...newsletters. That's what they want from me. They want an email every month full of links and content. And...and...get customers care about me *so* much that they're going to read it all and click on all the links and buy all my stuff!"

No, that's not how any of this works.

No more generic newsletters. No more emails with loads of content and links, okay? Get rid of all that.

Here's what I want you to do with every single email subscriber that you get from this point forward...

They get on your list and the first thing that happens is they go into an automated sequence. The first email in that sequence is a welcome email, but that welcome email needs to have a very specific purpose.

It needs to segment the user.

"What do you mean by segment them, Kevin?"

You need to segment them by their pain point.

If you're like most businesses, you provide products that solve a few different pain points. Maybe it's just one pain point and if that's the case, that's fine. Hopefully it's not half a dozen or a dozen pain points. That's too many and you should work to get more focused in your business.

For the sake of example, let's say you have two or three pain points that you focus on solving that you're an expert in it.

In your welcome email, you need to ask people which of these pain points applies to them most (and give them the three specific options).

The question now is, "How do I get them to tell me without asking them to reply?"

It's simple – you get them to click on a link.

If you're using intelligent software like Convertkit that's built for the new frontier of email marketing, the act of clicking a link will create a tag on that user's profile. And once that tag is added, that user will be added to a new email sequence.

That new email sequence feeds them education and inspiration and motivation related to the pain point they just told you they have.

So, instead of sending everybody the same emails, you now send very specific emails geared toward the person's pain point. And you're selling your solution for that pain point the entire time instead of selling all your services to this person.

The principle is this: don't send people content and solutions for a problem they don't have.

Instead, have them choose their problem and then send them the appropriate content and solutions. It's much more effective.

Not only is it more effective, it's a better experience for the people who get on your email list because as soon as they get on your email list, solutions to their problem start showing up in their inbox! It's amazing, right?

The power of software in 2017 and beyond gives you, a small business owner, the same capabilities that were previously reserved to large corporations.

Let me show you how this all works inside of Convertkit. Make sure you watch the video as I walk you through building this out step-by-step.

Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't a magic pill. You still have to write great copy. You still have to have a great product. You still have to do all the other stuff well.

But, this strategy is a foundational strategy that gets every single email subscriber down the right path and nurtured in a way that will make them ready to buy.

The best part? It's all automatic.

Again, make sure you watch the video because I show you exactly how to build all this out. If you're interested in the software I'm using in the video, you can learn more about Convertkit here.