This is real life digital agency work.

I'm not a guru and I'm not a coach. I'm just a guy running a digital agency in Atlanta, GA. I document some of my processes & work so others can learn and grow.
content areas


Discovery calls, proposals, contracts, processes, & growth.

Digital Strategy

Insights into how I game plan digital strategy for companies.

UX Design + Figma

UX design strategies and execution, typically in Figma.

WP + Oxygen

Wordpress & Oxygen tutorials, CPTs, ACF, and lots more.

SEO + Local SEO

Discovery, keyword research, sitemapping, on-page, & more.

Digital Marketing

Design, creation, and launch of real-world digital marketing campaigns.
the biz

Agency Background

I've been running the agency full time since 2019. Before that I was running it part-time. Our minimum project price is $5,000 and our largest contract to date is $125,000. We typically work with businesses doing $1MM+ in revenue up to about $75MM. We have one full-time employee and six contractors. 

My Background

I've been building websites since 1998. In 2001, at the age of 18, I started my first official business and I've been an entrepreneur since then. I've been using Wordpress since 2005. I got heavy into SEO and digital marketing in 2008 and built an online business from zero to $150k in annual revenue in less than two years. I'm a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and father of three.

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